09 September 2008

So I'm finally here...

I have been asked by a few people now when I will start my own blog. So here it is. I am finally here. It is with a little trepidation I start sharing my inner most thoughts so publicly but maybe it will help just a little.

This blog will be about my experience with adoption and what I have learned since being plunged into the 'Shadowlands' so to speak. Many will not like or appreciate what I have to say and that is okay. I am here to educate others so they do not suffer the same fate as I have had to. I am also here to educate others on what adoption is really like and promote ways other than adoption for children who NEED care.

Mostly, I dedicate this blog to my beloved daughter, A. Never for a moment feel you were 'given' away, that you were not loved or wanted. I wanted you, I fought for you and at one stage we were almost reunited by the courts until one judge, who has a reputation for separating young mothers and their children, requested and took over our case and we were wrenched apart despite being proven that I was and am a truly fit mother and that it was in your best interests and welfare to be returned to me at once. This man is responsible for so much pain, heartbreak and anguish; may karma come around and he is given a taste of what he has done to others.

To my readers and supporters, welcome! I cannot promise what I have to offer is anything much, but it is from the heart and soul. Hope to see you around.

Myst xx

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  1. YAY Myst!!
    So glad you are blogging.
    Welcome to blogland. (although - truthfully - I wish there were not the need to be here at all - *sigh*)
    Sending you oodles of hugz
    Poss. xxx


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