23 November 2009

Slice, Cut, Stab... the warmth of blood, an indication my heart is still beating.

Why can’t I feel it?

Cold, so cold inside... yet I can feel the pain creeping up into every fiber of my being.

I wish I could turn these feelings off, shove them into the bottom of a drawer, turn the key and never revisit.

But... there is no way to flick the switch on this. It comes unexpectedly whenever it chooses. And I cannot stop the overwhelming desire to curl up in a ball and stay hidden away from the world.


  1. Myst - I am so sorry. I hate what adoption does to us. The suffering is endless. How can society not see the trauma that is inflicted upon us? Why do they choose to ignore it? This is the worst tragedy... and we are treated with contempt and disdain for daring to care for our lost children. If adopters were in fact their adoptive children's true mother and father, they would know why we feel so much horrific pain.

  2. So sorry Myst

  3. Myst,

    I know and I am sorry.

    Love and Hugs,

  4. Thank you all for your support, it means alot... am back on track and will post again real soon.

    Thanks again,
    Myst xxx


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