11 January 2011

And the Monster strikes again...

I really do not know how best to start this post. Perhaps there is no eloquent way to say this so I am just going to get it out.

Yesterday, a friend of mine passed away. At her own hand. We met several years ago and then for a time lost contact and then rediscovered each other only last year. She has been broken ever since she lost her daughter and then, with the passing of her brother only a couple of years later in the same way.

I understand why she did this; oh do I understand that dark, dark place all to well. I just wish with everything in me it didn't end this way. That somehow there had been a light for her in that darkness and eventually she could have come out of it.

To my beautiful friend, who I call my Kiwi Rose,

Rest in Peace beautiful. I am so sorry you were broken like this; that there was no other way you could see through this hell. I am sorry we never got the chance to meet up like we were hoping or do most of the things we had planned. I will miss you; both here in blog land and out in real life.

My heart aches for you, for your daughters and although I know you were not fond of your mum after what happened, my heart aches for your whole family too.

Farewell and may you find that elusive peace you have been after for so long.

With much love always,
Myst xxx


  1. Oh Myst, I am so sorry. My prayers go out to you and to her family,

  2. Myst,

    I just read this on her alternative face book page. What sadness for everyone involved. I do understand the loss, pain, and loneliness. But it is still a tragedy for all of her children and the rest of her family.


  3. I read of this too and am so sad. My heart aches for her daughters and for her.


  4. Myst, I'm so sorry. Sending prayers for you, her, and her family. So sad.

  5. I am so sorry. I don't have the words at all to try to bring any kind of peace or understanding for this kind of terrible tragedy. My heart aches for her and her family. And it aches for you, my friend.

    You will all be in my thoughts and prayers as adoption takes yet another life way too early!

  6. I did not know your friend, but I am so sorry. THIS is the ugly truth of adoption. So many mothers die once by surrendering their children, and many die again by their own hands because of it. I hate adoption, and I am so sorry for your loss and for the loss of anyone who loved her.

  7. love to you ((Myst))

    Adoption sucks the life out of us, literally sometimes. I know I've been going through my own struggles lately with how adoption has destroyed my life.

    I can't blame any mom for suicide, though I never would want this to happen to any of us. I wish we could destroy this institution once and for all.

  8. A big thank you Susie, Jeannette, Melynda, Sally, Cassi, Linda, Christina and Heather for your warm messages. I only wish she had been in blog land earlier so she could have gotten to know the awesome community of support we have going.

    Thank you again xxx

  9. I have found the story...so sorry Myst. Hugs, Jennifer


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