19 January 2011

A Rose Taken

As many of you are aware, my friend Kristy also known as nzrose and Rose Taken passed away last Sunday. In her memory and the memory of those who have died directly due to the results of adoption, I have set up a memorial page on Facebook.

Please be aware it is a Memorial page and is there for those who are grieving as a result of their loss. I understand this is a very touchy topic and I am aware many feel suicide is selfish or a cowardly way out. I feel this is because those who feel this do not understand what it is like to be at the point of wanting the pain to end so much that there is a drive to end your own life. I get this pain having been there myself for a long time after I lost Amber. Thankfully I beat that curse but some do not and they need to be remembered for the people they were and not what they did.

A Rose Taken

If you have known someone who has passed away as a result of adoption trauma, please become a fan and add their name to the list in the Discussions under "In Memory of..." I hope we can give our friends, family members and loved ones a page where they can be remembered without stigma attached.

For you Kristy, wherever you are xxx

Just editing to add I have noticed an increase of people searching for her blog so I am placing the link for it here


  1. So sorry she went. I wrote to her a few times as an old timer in adoption who has seen some dark grim days and come out the other side. I asked her if she wanted to talk but I heard no response.
    I feared she had done what she said she had planned to do. I'm deeply saddened about this.
    It must have been too painful for her plus I guess she suffered from depressions because her brother died in the same way too.
    Oh so so sad about this.

  2. I had found her blog but didn't realize it was the same person at first.

    I feel so bad for her and her situation. It looks like she went through a really hard time. I mean, we all do, right? It's just whether or not we have the support, and / or can actually handle all the breaks and falls.

    Sending my positive thoughts to her spirit in hopes that she is finally at peace.

  3. Such a heart rending situation. My kindest thoughts going out to both you and your dear friend Kristy.


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