07 March 2011

Adoption Sucks

Really, it does. Sucks life, joy, energy and love from this world. Really if anyone thought it was anything but destructive then they would be living in a lovely shallow world which denies emotion and the damage to one's soul. Gee, must be swell living in denial.

So yeah, adoption sucks and that is all I have to say about that.


  1. I used to wish I could be that way. But, that's not really being alive. So, even though it sucks, and it hurts, I'm glad I'm not a zombie. Because having no emotions would also mean having no real love.

  2. I lived in denial for many years and denied myself all the ugly truths and painful emotions of adoption.

    Coming out of that denial sucked but I would rather be here in reality and truth now then ever go back to that.

  3. :) I was being sarcastic... and not about mothers, about those (like certain adopters) who frequently deny the issues surrounding adoption and all that it does. So for them, it must be a bed of roses the way they go on about it... meanwhile for the rest of us... its hell on earth... an existence with so much good sucked out of it merely because of what it means to be involved in adoption - the real side of it.

    Love to you both and BIG ((((hugs))) xxx


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