21 September 2012

A letter for Wes


You seem to be under a colossal miscomprehension that all children lost to adoption were adopted due to mothers who were, in your own crude words, “fuck-ups” (as stated on your blog).

This is simply untrue.  And it remains untrue regardless of what you choose to believe.  Your venomous attacks on me and mothers like me through my blog and now this post is simply unfounded, untrue and ignorant.  You offer no evidence to back up your claims and yet I have a mammoth pile of court papers/documents to prove what I say.

You also like to dictate to mothers their stories.  Pray tell, who are you to know all stories and fabricate lies?  Why do you feel the need to stoop to such a gutter level as to lash out and viciously attack women who are mothers and also other adoptees just because we do not ‘toe your line’?  You claim here that we are not open to discussion or conversation unless we completely agree with you yet that simply is not true and again you base those claims on your own actions.  I did not seek you out, nor did I even know of your existence until you disgraced yourself by attacking other people (who happen to be a mix of mothers, adult adoptees and adoptive parents) on my blog. 

As it says on my own blog, I am happy to enter into civil discussion however when you refer to me and others as a “fuck-up”, then I feel you are incapable of entering any real decent discussion and thus have no time for you and your shallow antics.

Your knowledge of adoption is so very limited and you fight against adoption reform.  That in itself is, quite frankly, the stupidest thing I have ever read.  Why would you be against anything that seeks to improve a dysfunctional system for the sake of children?  To me that immediately proves you do not care about the children involved in adoption but are in this for your own sake.  If you did care at all about the children you claim to love, then you would be their and our, biggest ally – not declaring yourself as “the face of your enemy”.  How do you expect to get anywhere with that sort of language and attack?

If you took the time to read any of the adoptees’ comments on my blog whilst you were busy trying to dictate my and our stories, you may have noticed a comment regarding a movement by adoptive fathers who are seeking to help adopted children – not hinder them.  Perhaps you should go back and read that comment and take the time to read the books mentioned.

If after all this you still want to carry on your merry way attacking people you have never met without any knowledge of what you are talking about, and creating a shallow movement that has no substantiality to it then please do so in your time and in your blog.  I will continue to fight the bigotry and hatred I see spewed forth by persons as yourself regardless and at the end of the day, if you are unable to address me with respect and dignity, then I will simply delete your comments so no one else has to deal with them.

Yours truly,
A mother of adoption loss who was proved fit to raise her child and only lost her through shady and corrupt dealings.

(Actually a comment I left on a blog post dedicated to me and my friends over on Wes' blog.  I posted it here, on my blog, as a way to highlight it as Wes, of course, deleted it every time I posted it - despite accusations I was not open to any discourse on my blog.  Mothers and adoptees are often plagued by imbeciles like Wes who would like to dictate our experiences and gaslight us in order to stop us from speaking up.  Newsflash to all adopters like Wes - we are not going anywhere as long as the likes of you are here to exploit children and use adoption to serve your entitled natures.)


  1. I keep wanting to disregard him as nothing more than a joke and a fake, but the more he writes, the more I worry about his abusive behavior.

    I finally gave in and contacted someone I have come to love and respect in my own learning process of the realities of abuse because I really, truly believe, if even an ounce of what this man "shows" is true, there is good reason to worry about the welfare of his children.

    There is, because it is online and you never know, that voice that keeps questioning if I am going overboard, but . . . you know, I just refuse to ignore a gut instinct when it might mean children being left in what could very well be an abusive - whether mentally or physically - environment.

    1. Amen Cassi! Good on you - let me know what your friend says as there is a lot to be concerned about given the way he abuses and treats people online.

      Love you <3


  2. Look at yourself, one stint of blog posts and your argument has been reduced to idol and imaginary threats and bewilderment. You make references to materials and court documents that dont exist. You base your only defense upon works of others without think about anything for yourself.Perhaps, this should be an indicator as to why childcare isnt the best option for you.

    Just to clarify, I never used foul language on your blog...you did. This is the common aspect I find within your ranks. Tons of heartfelt agony, lots of manufactured injustice and anger...no reality.

    In the eyes of childeren, mothers are the incapsulation of diety. You have either given or thrown that honored place away. No amount of blaming the big bad wolf in the woods will ever make this go away as it resides within you.

    Your blog, your sense of injustice and your validity are fantasy.

    1. LOL troll, who is threatening anyone? You certainly cannot comprehend much. All I said is I would delete you if your behavious is uncivil - which is not a threat it is a promise :)

      "Non-existent" court documents... HAHAHAHAHA - yes you wish! Actually I have only some (still a heap), my lawyer has the rest and it is his biggest file :)

      And this referring to me all the time, seriously Wes, you need some therapy. Stalking and obsessing about some lady you don't know is plain creepy. Living in your little fantasy world where you believe you are right all the time is unhealthy - especially for the children you are making up or abusing.

      You know, I will always be more of a parent than you ever can be. At least my children ARE mine and I never have to worry about another person out there who is more their mother. My raised children are stunning, intelligent and we are frequently stopped to comment on how beautiful and happy our family is - so another knock to your made up and fantasised image that I am some big bad wolf hiding in the woods who abused my child.

      Really, get your transferance issues dealt with. They are seriously a hindrance for you. You will never amount to anything except a misogynist who is throwing a tantrum because a woman online didn't dare shut up about the truth and facts. Just because YOU don't want to and CHOOSE not to believe them don't make them any less true.

      And yes, there is lots of reality here. Because I am in the REAL world every day. Unlike yourself who lives online as most trolls do searching for people to attack and use foul language about (and I was referring to your blog as you well know, or perhaps you don't given your intellectual capabilities are so very low)

      At the end of the day, you are not a father, and anything can parent - even a monkey - its really not that difficult. What makes a father is a man who helps create a child and then lovingly raises them, like my amazing husband. You are not even a real man rather a sad, sad person who gets his kicks out of being abusive.

      Listen, given you live in the USA, I wouldn't be all that proud about being an adopter. They let murderers, child abusers and idiots adopt over there. It really isn't that difficult. And those homestudies can be corrupted so easily! So at the end of the day, you are proud to be a person who has another mother's children and so has fabricated some story about her so you can write off all mothers. Riiiight. And you think I am living in a fantasy land! Take a look in the mirror and I think you will find it is you and not me - but typical behavious in someone with serious issues like yourself to try and turn your problems around onto someone else.

      At the end of the day though, I will always be a mother, with all my proof (yes even though you don't like that and don't want to believe that) and you will be a sad individual who couldn;t have kids. Deal with it.

      See you later and thanks again for your committment to my blog. Shows I am on the right track when people who are so threatened keep coming back to have another go :) :) Bravo!

      The fabulous Myst

  3. Some people want human society to be just and fair so badly that they will twist reality as hard as it takes to make it seem just and fair. To such people, first mothers are evil wenches who deserve to lose their children, poor people would be rich if only they weren't so lazy, and women who get raped deserve it because they got drunk (presumably while wearing short skirts).

    Many such people are so unwittingly privileged that they spend their entire lives without recognizing the injustice they profit from. Given the power differentials inherent in most current societies, it's inevitable that many (but not all) of them are well-off white males living in Western democracies: i.e., men who can afford to adopt.

    I'll say it again, POW-POW-POWERDAD!: Your child will discover what you think of his/er mother one day, and s/he will be wounded by that.

    (TL;DR: Wes is only a jerk because he refuses to imagine what his life might have been like had he been born female.)

    1. Yes indeed! Perfectly said Laurel. Not sure he will bother to hear anything we say as he seems set on his narrow path. Truth is abhorrent to him and reality non existent in his little bubble. If he does have any children he adopted, then what must their existence be like? Given his complete denial of facts I wonder if one can trust anything he says - I know I don't and can't.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. "The "bio-moms" that show up at adoption events that I attend (before being arrested and carted off) is where my interest began and now I know where they breed and foster the self-entitled lies."

      And with that, you have finally proven, without question, that you are nothing more than a troll who is full of lies.

      Us "Moms" showing up at adoption events and getting ourselves arrested . . . you are so full of crap and you have just destroyed any last bit of proof that your story is in any way true.

      I wouldn't give this idiot another second, Myst. I think he is a complete fake who is a very sick individual creating illusions to give him justification to cruelly attack others.

    2. Hi Cassi
      You are right. I didn't even read his last vitriol as I knew it would most likely be the same and going off your comment it was. Always happy to discuss adoption issues intellectually and passionately (me passionate, lol) but not with trolls who are uneducated and have no clue what they are discussing. Wes just likes the sound of his own 'voice', hates mothers and adoptees who have the gall to speak the truth. He also hates women in general going off the way he is so abusive here. Time to continue on and use Wes' comments to warn other expecting mothers what a large proportion of adopters really think of us. If anything, at least he is helping in that area. And he can go back to his empty 'echo chamber' with his voice of one and keep deluding himself with his fantasy world. Love you! Xxx

  5. The only 'psychosis" I see is in what your write, POWER ADOPTO DADDY.

    "Your blog, your sense of injustice and your validity are fantasy."

    Kind of like your sense of entitlement, your self importance and saintliness and actually believing the child(ren) you covet are actually yours. They aren't. Your a sick excuse for a human being.

    1. Amen Stephanie!!!!! Deluded individual, but there are so few adopters who don't think this way which is so sad because all it shows is how they have no qualms in ripping apart another family to make their own - especially in infant adoption.

  6. Love being able to put out the trash :-)

  7. Oh Myst - I see you have been besieged by a newbie to the world of adoption. He has all the right markers, entitlement, swelled head, bravado, self-importance - because you know - he did "8" - count them "8 full day classes"...to learn about adoption and adoptive parenting - "as if" that even scratches the surface of what adoption actually is. Give him another 10, 20, or better yet 50 years of adoption experience and "perhaps" it will sink in.

    Hopefully by the 50 year mark he will have heard of the immoral, unethical practices the adoption industry excels at in the domestic infant adoption world, and stop equating Foster Care Adoption with all adoption.

    Perhaps he will even have read The Baby Thief - The Untold Story of Georgia Tann, the Baby Seller Who Corrupted Adoption (written by an Adoptive Mother no less). He might, just might then have some inkling of the very dark side of adoption and how easy it can be for agencies in the race to the bottom in regards to adoptions where an Adoption Agency boasts to the PAPs that they spend over a million dollars each year advertising for "Birthmothers"...ugh...makes me sick...and feel very much like a commodity.


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