25 April 2016

Brilliant post

(Originally published: March 2010)

I read this blogpost the other day and it is fabulous.

Ever since I came across the blogs of PAP's (Prospective adoptive parents) I have been horrifed by the use of God to justify adoption as it is practised today. This post puts the use of adoption in the bible into context. And again shows how God rejoices not in the separation of mother and child but in the relationship and bond between mother and child (biologically and naturally related of course) HE created.

I have never understood the logic of many PAP's... why would God cause the death of a mother when they have just had a baby just so other members of her family could squabble over who is going to adopt the baby when she is not yet buried? Why would God meddle like that? He wouldn't. And doesn't. Its not the way He works. Anyone who buys into this absolute crap is seriously, SERIOUSLY so blinded by their own tragedies and lust for what they desire they have lost the plot. Totally.

And to think that God would go around placing babies in the "wrong tummy", WTF is with that??? If that is what they believe then their god is seriously screwed up and not something I would want to have faith in. It would show He wasn't all perfect and all knowing. Yet again its just more evidence these deluded individuals will say anything to justify their actions to get another mother's child and play pretend.


  1. PAP's make me the angriest I think, or at least they are the people I let myself get angriest at. With AP's its a done deal and I kind of think I have a responibility to do damage limitation so they mess up their children as little as possible so maybe I don't let myself feel my anger towards them. But PAPs? tend to get the full force of my revulsion, especialy seing as too many of them do behave like spoilt entitled children "Whaaa, I can't have what I want, Whaaaa" I've had two this week ask me if I know how if feels to "really really want a child and not be able to have one" Strangley they dont get back to me when I say that actualy yes I do but that doesnt give me the right to shatter other peoples families

  2. Shucks, thanks Myst. I appreciate your kind assessment of my writing. Sometimes I get a bit nervous putting stuff "out there," especially when it doesn't fall into lock-step with current Christian rhetoric.

    Here is another post your readers might be interested in: http://letterstomsfeverfew.wordpress.com/2010/01/12/you-know-what-chaps-my-hide/ . In short, it is my pointy-headed response to the "Well, Jesus was adopted!" argument. That's another "Bible-based" argument that gets me a wee bit riled up.


  3. Hi Weaver,

    Yes I agree with you. There also seems to be a new model of PAP's these days... ones that feel entitled to have another person's child just because they made the decision to adopt. They ignore the fact that there is a major loss underway so they can fulfil their dream and then celebrate with "dances on the porch" when they know a mother has done the unthinkable and signed the paper that terminates her legal right to be a mother. Reading these blogs where there have been celebrations over the signing of a TPR makes me physically ill. I am horrified by the actions of people celebrating at the expense of others; celebrating a family's loss. It is truly vile and sickening.

    Myst xxx

  4. You are most welcome M :) You really nailed the rhetoric in that post and there is no one who can debate that (well at least no one who know the truth when they see it... anyone who tried to discount it is lacking in not only intelligence but the ability to see truth when it is right in front of them).

    LOL about the Jesus thing. I have never understood that argument. I am the daughter of a Baptist minister as well as Missionaries and I never heard that one until I became an adult. My father shakes his head in utter disbelief at the things I tell him about from these adopters/PAP's blogs and their view of God. He also has a degree in Theology, Christian theology and is a walking Bible in the Greek and Hebrew as well as the English so I have been thoroghly immersed in the Christian and churchian message all my life. Thankfully, my parents are no longer churchians... just Christians... i.e. following Christ's message and leaving all the BS the church attaches to Christianity behind. Even Dad knew Jesus was never adopted and that adoption in the biblical sense was never what we practise in the legal sense today.

    So thanks for writing that post... I have been reading your posts alot and I think they are great. Don't be too worried about what people will think; you can't make everyone happy and some people just hate those who speak the truth.

    Myst xxx

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  6. The blog post by Alicia was truly sickening. I am an AP; I know God had nothing to do with my daughter's mother's circumstances. I am not religious but do believe in God. People like Alicia illustrate why I have a problem with religion (not God). My daughter's mother's choice was relinquish or be left destitute with 7 kids. No God would create a situation like that. (At least I HOPE not!) I honestly thought I was doing a good thing by adopting (I was not called by God though since I don't believe God "tells" people to do things). I know now that I may not have done a good thing and I am filled with disgust for people who make other people's tragedies "God's will". As for baby lust, I did not adopt due to infertility so I don't know that pain. However, it does seem some people are almost blinded by it. Plotting to adopt a child before the mother's body is cold demonstrates a complete lack of empathy and judgment. And to bring God into it is unforgivable.

  7. Hi Kris,

    THANK YOU :) I really appreciate your comments... and you are obviously a different type of person than those I blog about (just saying that so you know I don't lump everyone in the same boat... I really don't, or at least try not to!)

    I totally agree... God doesn't make things happen in life. Life just happens. Like it says in Proverbs, "The rain falls on the good and bad alike" (watered down, not exactly word for word but essentially what it is saying). God granted us free will and so anything we humans do is completely done by our hands or the general ebb and flow of life.

    I don't believe for example, that God got me raped so I could get pregnant, endure 34 weeks of pregnancy bonding and loving my child only to have her ripped away from me once she was born. If that was God then that is pretty sadistic... no I chose to believe that it was the choices people made that got me where I was and that God wept to see what happened. If He interfered with everything we did, we would be nothing but puppets on a string and we are so obviously not.

    Its sad your daughter's other mother could not keep and raise her child, do you have an open adoption with her? You know, I do write pretty harsh things about AP's because many of the things I have seen happen and read but I do know you are not all like that and it is refreshing to 'meet' more that are compassionate and caring. As for doing a 'good' or 'bad' thing... I don't think it comes down to that. You did what you needed to do in that situation and it is better your daughter is with someone who is open to the issues in adoption so you can give her the love and support she will need.

    Myst :)

  8. Thanks Myst for a great post and thanks to all for the links.
    Thanks for you post on my blog and for sharing those deep feelings, so appreciate that,love, Vonxxx

  9. Myst,
    You said what I believe better than I could - I think God weeps along with us when bad things happen but one of the gifts he gave us as humans is free will. I don't believe he caused the bad things that happened to you either ((hugs))
    Technically, no, we don't have an open adoption b/c my daughter is from Russia. But we found her family and send them updates and she has video and pictures of her family. Getting the video and reading the story of my daughter's relinquishment really opened my eyes. I have felt guilt ever since, not guilt that I did something "wrong" exactly, but guilt that I am raising our daughter and her first mother isn't.

  10. Thanks Myst,
    Truly when reading these bloggs, the mind boggles at the audacity of these so called "christians" I am reminded of the two women brought before Solomon, and you know what the outcome there was,THE NATURAL MOTHER WAS INSTANTLY RECOGNISED,AND SHE GOT HER BABY.

    Rampant dishonesty and mistruths and misinterpretation of scripture is quoted among these PAP,S and worse still is validated from many a pulpit, indeed I did battle last year with a notorius man of the cloth, by the name of John Piper,who went round womens meetings in America, encouraging women to ADOPT AND ADOPT,your authority to adopt comes from Gods word, he pouts. Using the same scripture you have already quoted from the new testament.



    Which interpreted means, before the foundations of the world, God had chosen his children,and at some point in there lives, they would be drawn back to God by God,s irresistable grace,and that happens at an age of understanding,absolutely not as these wolves in sheeps clothing would TRY AND DUPE US INTO BELIEVING.


    Is what they are Myst,and the aim,and end product for all these large religious organisations is,


    The multi billion unregulated USA adoption industry, makes them filthy rich, and governments won't intervene, as it is so lucrative for them, bringing in huge taxes.

    They have the audacity to say, NOT FOR PROFIT, yet look at there annual salary's.
    They have there PLUSH CHURCHES WITH ORCHESTRA'S,CHOIRS, they have there plush cars,private jets, and yachts------ALL FOR FILTHY LUCRE,from the proceeds of adoption.

    WORKERS OF INIQUITY, and all in the guise of christianity.
    Their lot.

    A righteous, angry Marah66

  11. "I have never understood the logic of many PAP's... why would God cause the death of a mother when they have just had a baby just so other members of her family could squabble over who is going to adopt the baby when she is not yet buried?"

    There is no logic in that line of reasoning, and no intelligent theology, either. I'm amazed at how many otherwise-sensible people don't even bat an eyelash when they hear things like this. No wonder we can't get lawmakers on board with reform - with so many "Christians" spouting this nonsense, they're numb to the truth.

  12. Hello Myst! I found you through Margie's blog. I haven't had a chance to read very many of your posts yet, but I think I like you very much. I disagree with you on some points, but heck, that's what we're here for. To learn and think and dig for harder truths. Keep on talking, I'll stick around to listen.