28 November 2016

I want the world to know...

I have many unwritten posts circulating in my head of late, however, the words are not coming forth to convey what it is I want to say.  So instead, I want to highlight the work of a Facebook page I follow, Is Adoption Trauma? and the fabulous work it has been doing in giving a voice to those in the adoption world who would otherwise be shunned and silenced.

This page is primarily focused on representing the side of adoption the rest of the world would rather not know about, forget and deny: the truth and reality of what adoption causes - trauma.  The voices are those of adopted persons and natural parents.

Whilst there have been many who refuse to acknowledge the very real fact that adoption does cause trauma, the voices here are given freedom to speak up, tell their stories and voice their experiences.  Yes, comments are left to invalidate and at times there can be heated discussion.  But it is so refreshing to have a page dedicated to telling the truth and not supporting the false image perpetuated by the majority of websites run by agencies (who stand to gain financially from purposefully separating mother and child) and the customers (aka prospective adoptive parents).

November is Adoption (Be)Awareness month in the USA where one is inundated with the sickly false ideology of the "wunnerfulness" of adoption - complete with unicorns puking rainbows, aka the Kool Aid drinkers of adoption and instigators who are ramming their propaganda down the public's throat that adoption is wonderful.  The project this month on Is Adoption Trauma? is "I want the world to know..."  Check it out and hear from those who have lived through the realities many want to deny and hide.

There is no excuse anymore not to know the truth about how harmful adoption really is and so those who choose to deny it and try to silence the voices are actively taking part in a system that systematically abuses children and abuses a person's basic right to know who they are and know who their family is and the right to raise their child.

You can start here and be part of an awareness that builds families through preservation of existing families, rather than tearing them apart.